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I’ve got to stop noticing things…

March 22, 2014

There should be a term called Sherlock’s Curse.  It really sucks sometimes.

Like I recently identified that certain people, if they hang out with another person who has a dominate habit, the original person might start unconscionably showing that habit. I was in class learning, and suddenly my teacher twitched his eyebrow in a peculiar way.  It was the same way one of my other teachers did all the time. It stuck in my head for a moment and I quickly dismissed it. (I have bountiful mental control.)

One day while walking to his class the teacher with the habit walked out of the original teachers classroom. I had no idea they hung out, nonetheless that they knew each other. Worse still, the eye twitch the original teacher gave me was when he caught eye contact with me while in the midst of teaching.

The worst thing still is that these two teachers were the two I choose to open up to. I never open up to anyone about myself. I just recently choose to express myself instead of hiding.

I keep dismissing the thought because there’s  not enough evidence and its a silly dream to think they care about me that much, plus that sounds paranoid and I don’t have patience for paranoia. Still, the possibility stands.

I’m just going to wait for more evidence and probably start messing around with them if things continue in that fashion.

I mean, there’s clearly not enough evidence for any sort of conclusion.


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