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Mad Minds

March 26, 2014

    I learn with all styles of intellect. My study sessions are chaotic but very brisk. I will sing from the top of my lungs as I memorize, then listen to my words repeated, then I will rise to my feet and run around, playing catch and formulating things. Afterwards I will sink back onto my bed and discover meanings and make associations, using mental repetitions that bounce across the music that pounds in my ears. If it involves nature, then completion is immediate, because of my joy for that topic.  Then I will let my imagination play with the concept for pleasure and the amount of mental stimulation I need.

                     Elastically, that is very annoying to my relatives whom I live with. I’d be annoyed too.  I’m a junior in high school after all.

        Lately I’ve been very analytic, and it’s starting to wear away at me. I’m thinking about going back to being poetic and creative minded, a feat that involves practice or maybe ditching my knowledge for a second altogether so I can relax a bit.

                  My mind’s weird, I can’t explain it until I can. That’s how things work with me.

       Anyway,  hope all your days have been absolutely terrific!

                                      I’m out.


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