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Airy Thoughts

March 28, 2014

     I wrote this in study hall earlier in the spur of the moment. I have forgotten its complete intent because the emotions I felt were unique to the time, but regardless, I’ll write it ‘fresh’.

                   When your mind is miles away, in some impossible challenging place shelled within further expectations and panic, you must zone into the real world. You are indeed in a building, within a system and you have natural intuitions to trust. Sometimes people are wiped out by promise and an uncertain flip of predictions in the future.

                 You’ll get there, and feel whole, not tugged away, with iron hot compromises that seem too far to reach.

              Cold,white,unclear,judging,unsightly uncertainty. You may absolutely freeze and perish there, but remembering yourself and what you really want inside as a priority creates enough confidence and personal contentment formed by privacy to a degree that doesn’t compare. Likewise, letting go at an appropriate time is soft and allows for even more personal growth into the hearts of others,

             Bind your comfort zone to the positions around you.   


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