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March 29, 2014

I was never taught, informed, or aided in understanding things as a kid.I was called weird and ignored. My own decisions caused me to pursue more. So, sorry if I don’t have a good basis and must relearn common concepts and practices in school. That I will do eagerly.
I’ve actually been arguing with myself over accumulated knowledge.
Other kids got tutors, they had ambitious parents. I would sit alone in my room when I was 10  and cry over my math homework, because I just plain didn’t understand but I desperately wanted to. Nobody helped me there, but I knew relentlessly that I couldn’t abandon my passion just because of my own isolation.
I’ve only had a tutor once, and that was this year and recent.
My mom was always busy with college.
I was a movable force only by my own ability of wit. Therefore, I never dared to share my true opinion about anything.
I built myself. A true feat in those circumstances.
I’m trying to understand the extent of my disconnections to the average lifestyle.
My mom was rather hands-off, but a good role-model nevertheless. She had some sort of inner strength that blasted all situations to dust in her pursuit for a hospitable life. Emotional but determined, focused on her goals even if it hurt her to fulfill them.
My flaws are due to disadvantages. I don’t get information because I hide myself, and am not connected.
Lack of connection also effects my intellectual pursuits and much more. By fixing this, I can make a mark in whatever college I come across. It would be an excellent feat to get into the game! (Of helping people. Not success. I don’t live for that.)
Be yourself.


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