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Questions To Think About

March 31, 2014

What do you need? What do you feel you deserve inside?

This isn’t aimed as an external question, because everyone wants a-little something on the outside; may that be material goods, respect, or simply a some control.

What do you really need inside? Ask yourself what you need to do to ensure that you have the basic necessities to function and be well. Because your overall wellness is much more important then the other factors that buzz about ones ears and causes unneeded stress.

Consider this: We only need food, water, and shelter to survive. However, we are a complicated species that has developed to perfection in intellect. That is what we’re told. We have certain responsibilities that determine our wellness and health.

However depression is prevalent,  sleepless nights are expected, and misinterpretations that lead to anger are commonplace. What does this mean? Isn’t the sheer importance of a well-structured and lively mind valued? Should many of our lives be miserable? You are living a life after all, it’s your life and it’s best to remember to calm down and take care of it.

Sometimes life is difficult and the world itself pulls itself to recommend ill- actions against yourself, but isn’t a part of you becoming more and more harmed by neglect if you ignore your needs?

You are important. You  know that. By giving yourself time to relax and think about what you really need, your brain gets a certain amount of time to sort things out. May that be by getting a little extra sleep, spending time alone to think, and spending a little time with your family or friends. Try to learn from these activities to enhance your better well-being.


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