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People Patterns

April 1, 2014

   Everyone has a pattern, a way they live, an underlying structure that influences the behaviors and activities of everyone. 

          I find myself frequently analyzing others for their behavior, and I’ve come up with several points to determine behavior. It’s entirely complicated, and is like sorting points through a sea of disarray, but nevertheless, it’s an accurate system if you are willing to let go of average bias and accept the world as completely uncertain. You also have to accept reality to what it is.

              The first step is to determining someone’s temperament by observing distinct mannerisms. One in particular is eye movement, or lack of. When people pause, keep their face in a comfortable position and glare forward, they most likely are very comfortable and content. However, if they have the same movement but have a tight rigid posture, and a very still face, their contemplating something negative.

              Mouth movement is very important in social instances. When people talk, their mouth has a mind of its own, and thus reveals a lot about what a person needs.

      If a person is wide eyed and has a mouth slightly agape, it means they’re either extremely close to stating an important point or they’re extremely tuned into the discussion.This may be obvious to some, but in some curious cases it is often ignored.

        Extreme awareness of others often leads me to pick up tiny cues. I don’t know how many times I’ve leaned back in my chair in school when I notice a certain amount of behavior development such as hurried movement to explain agitation while roaming the room, slightly sour eyes that look to peers quickly for an ounce of confirmation for testy moods. Most likely, if these mannerisms persist for a long amount of time, then this is most likely the hidden natures of the people who possess them.

                        Likewise, however, I often find myself getting extremely empathetic with others. For a second I’m in the shoes of another, experiencing their emotions for a slight second. I still haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing yet, but I’ll find out soon.


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