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April 1, 2014

People are beautiful in every way. The characters of others are magnificent and I’m proud that the world is the way it is. I’m glad about free will, and compassion, and the liveliness that spurs others to just ‘be’.

My quest to understand others leads me to think systematically at times, but that is because I can’t hold every aspect in my head, every unique variable. That is extremely hard to explain in depth.

Plus the brain itself is created and organized in that style. Should I go against my own head, something I’ve depended most all my life?

True intelligence must involve will against instinct, but I know there’s something more that goes deeper, strait to the soul. I think in parallel against logic and spiritual needs, so I must face the scientific standpoint for my experiments to work well.

I cannot  be one-sided, so understand if I may sound a little too technical for many tastes in between my bouts of spiritual awareness. I don’t tend to go against other beliefs, therefore I am not a threat  to others ideals but these aspects are things I stress to myself and feel heavily about.

I hold myself back because I’m not experienced, yet I know that”s  wrong and I should get to know people a lot more.



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