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Head Games

April 19, 2014

My mind’s weird. If you had the chance to enter my thoughts you’d understand.

You’d be greeted by a man carrying a box. He tips his hat and you stop him. His smile fades instantly and he gives you the evil eye

-This is really important-

He says

-But I want to hear you. What is it?.-

He sits down, balancing the box on his leg. Once on his leg, he stares at it, and immediately transfers it onto his head where he balances it

-What was it?-

He asks.

“Um, where am I?”

The man’s face scans yours

-Where are you?-

He reflects upon himself

-In a mind-

He answers

-In a spot-.

He eyes you further.

You feel nervous, but he gets up and starts hopping, box on his head

-Hey, I’m busy, hurry this up.-

“You can go. Sorry for stopping you.”

-Out of the many things you could have said, you said that. Wonder what it means for you. I like you. But I tend to like everything so…. BYE.-

He rushes away.

You wonder what that was about, but as you look around, everyone’s acting the same matter. You walk a distance, and notice that no one comes your direction even though they’re at full speed, running. You start to notice that they’re some are wearing head phones with microphones . They’re getting directions from a source.

But then you start to feel a sort of energy pulsating from a distance deeper into the area. You realize that the people are all working at its tempo. A few are going close to the area and listening, suddenly very patient.

For one, you notice that a box is thrown into their hands from that spot. She runs away with glee towards the other direction. The people all laugh. You begin to notice that this happens a lot.

“How does this work?” You ask a woman massaging a pipe with a taser.

She turns

– Oh, all this? How does it work?-

She reflects upon herself

-Dunno completely, I’m still figuring this out. But the body. So stiff. Barely anything gets out of here. But it will soon.-

She raises her hand

– Potential!-

Then she turns back to her work.

You resolve to travel the other direction, towards the front. As you do so, you realize that the workers all seem like monks, meditating, still. Some rapid workers are frozen in place.

-She’s focusing.-

Mutters one.

-Brain activity slowed-.

Suddenly they all start moving. One by one they raise their hands, speaking into the speaker their roles as they are noted.

Nearest, you see a group of them sitting, conversing ideas, formulating to perfection. They call themselves Internal Dialogue and they are loud and very observant. They send others into the abyss that brings creativity. They nod passionately and dart away.

At a table farthest away, a group who appear to be passionately absorbed in their work are on phones talking quickly, unable to be deciphered. They’re writing and passing it onto the men with boxes, who are running around, organizing.

Dazed, you shake your head. “Oh.”

                     And that’s sorta it, and more. I haven’t completely figured it out yet.


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