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May 23, 2014

If I related things based on recency over generalization and spaced logic, would I accomplish more?

 I mean, I always toss things not relevant to my current situations as useless. However, I’m always astonished when I see an answer that’s on a different sheet with the information I threw away so fast. Maybe I don’t want to focus on the abstract concept or definition, because my thoughts are often busy with other things. However, I’ve got to figure out why I’m so surprised to learn that mismatched definitions are the same.

      They are indeed rephrased with another author, and are hard to associate, but shouldn’t the general meaning be accepted as both? Is it a willingness to ignore on my part, or the writer? Or am I not thinking hard enough, letting important information slide past my vision.

        There’s tension in my head just thinking about it. Maybe if I isolate it just like I did today when I discovered a location in my head that was unwilling to accept objects facing a certain direction, and it did so by blocking it out. When my teacher drew the alpha sign for radiation and explained it to be a fish, I noted that it was backwards. But how would a fish be backwards if it has the ability to go both directions?

       Then my head hurt just thinking about it. In study hall, I sat a bit to think about it all, because I felt I was onto something. I decided to work that portion of my head with visualization skills. Repetitively, I flipped the image of the fish in my head, and went onto complicating the matter and flipping coordinate planes too. The block broke and I briefly enjoyed flipping everything I could in my head. It was like watching some computer simulation. I began  to propose methods to use this skill, and I decided it would best be for math.

    Now I have the same tension in my head and I seek to locate the issue.

 This is all very complicated and I’m switching between many of my skills in steps to do this, and I’m also introducing new steps with each thing I learn.


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