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Intelligence Plan

May 23, 2014

Note: I have the ability to know what part of my head I’m working and stimulate it more then usual using metacognition and introspection.  Its a strong skill, but its not fast and is hardly effective unless I improve it. Lately I’ve been devising methods to ‘tap’ into that skill so I can match my fast thoughts with my learning capability. It requires a lot of independence however.


I have an attention problem. I don’t know where to start my immediate focus, because I fear the world may eat me while I’m waiting. Perhaps its a mixture of impatience, and unease.

Its like finding a happy place to start. Numbers stay in ‘that’ area. Don’t disturb me. Again, the expectation. I modeled myself off impatient and dismissive peers. Therefore, when someone’s subconsciously threatening me I cast them aside. That is a faulty idea because It’s ok to be bombarded with ideas from all topics. Let math and patterns have their fun. Just learn it all. They are all weapons at my approval.

I think exactness is needed however, and that’s the part of my intellect I’ll have to target.

Sometimes its hard because being ‘smart’ is always referred to as immediate and permanent. If you don’t have it, then you don’t have it. I argue that I ‘do’ have ‘it’ but ‘it’ is complicated as with everything else about the brain. The school method is merely a method and some people excel at that.

I’ll give you the full answer and more in about a week, when I assess the structure, find the dominant meaning in the vocabulary, search patterns at my own pace, and create a new concept to confuse you with.


Of topic- I think I may be a line reader. My mind accepts lines like trees over every other. Perhaps that’s why I skip over material sometimes. I’ll work with that.


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