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Loyalty and Patience May be 100% Blind

May 23, 2014

They say its a series of gifts,

A group of splendid promises.

But, naturally, I don’t know what that means.

I’ve suffered very long enough,

To know far beyond the basics of myself,

And all the moralistic choices,

And where my heart lies most of all.

For cunning grows sharp from despair,


If you know how to handle everything

And awareness frames the vision,

I am lost among the crowd,


 Grace comes,

 Nobility retreats,

 Creativity sits with me,

She suggests all these splendid plans,

The ones I never seem to use.


 I commit to being brave,

 To join the courageous few,

 But all these shadows that were their curse,

I can’t seem to shake my worst.

 It lingers, I know it does.

And I can’t help it, it always was.

But I can stop this, I know how.

But my breathing patterns, don’t match the rest.

  So I’m lost to the others, and found in myself

 Accused of something, what I do not possess.


 Am I worthless?

  I’m not, I have so much to offer.

I know how things go, I always have,

and all these labels, stretched across my back,

  With no one close, it harder to relax,

Ad feel the warm bursts of something he has.

  Just someone to talk,

 About the images that play in my mind,

   And all the wonderful little discoveries,

 That cloud my kind,

Away from all the tampered things,

     It needs an explanation.

   I know I’m better than it.

    I am truly so patient,

   And my loyalty towards sanity are tight,

   Then why do I feel so blind?


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