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May 23, 2014

Math is like wrestling snakes. Snakes are vile demons!


You know, all my math teachers never gave an introduction to important pieces of math. They just threw them in there for me to wonder. As if the elementary and middle school teachers themselves disrespected the concept of math.  I wonder what would have happened if I had been formally introduced, just as I was to science and writing. My math and music teachers despised me. Notice the trend?


    Excuse me as I hold my head, because now I’ve got to sort through a stack of faulty presumptions acquired about the subject.

                   I’ve cut the tight binds, and as if a current of negative electricity were inside, they flicker and wave around like dying snakes. Maybe the current will pour out and become another being of interest. Not an animal- an inspiration. Can I catch inspiration with a finely filtered net? Can I round it all together and shake its hand before it takes its efforts to swallow me?

             Emotional expression at its best. Can I befriend math? Accept it. But I fear I may have to wound it at a later period. Why is that even a fear? It’s irrational. I’m getting rid of it.

      Great, now maths a solid, like moving rocks around. Maybe its the elements of both. Yes, I’ll accept it as such. Whenever its needed, it will shape.

       Math is a shape shifter. With graphs, practice, numbers, symbols, variables, functions, shapes, lines, brokenness- all thrown together.

           Awesome. Now I want to admire it. Wait, that’s bad. I can’t get cozy. I want to master it! Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for.

               Does that mean math’s a noble wild creature? I should admire, chart its properties and bask in its presence.

         Nope, maths man-made. Makes it seem dirty. Who determined what was right to consider and what is wrong. These rules. I respect yet I hesitate.

           I feel like approaching math, I tempt a very angry animal. One that twiddles numbers and wouldn’t like my presence, wouldn’t hesitate to throw me to the side. A demon. A snake demon.

       So should I fight it? Should  wreak havoc? Outsmart what I should not be able to? But it feels so rash.

            Wow, look at all these layers of math I created. Too much. Math is math. Paper, pencil. A puzzle. A find. A passion. A light.

      And I’ll decode all of its pattern and system. No matter what logic calls. I’m above all hesitance. I have to be. Onwards!



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