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Random Thoughts

May 23, 2014



 Ambling. Stunted. Undisposed. Unwanted. A bit lost.

 Birds are allies. How did I arrive here?

 Explosion. Soft bits touch my face.

 Unbelief. Work awaits.

  Lost and happy.

  Friend shadows

  Flipping acrobats and timid crooks

  Served fresh with vegetables of favor

  What idiotic regrets,

    Set back and rewound

    Spring with joy!

    Commentators complain against haste

    They breach the borders

     Yapping full heartedly

      Are you alright?


      I’m stuck

      This mud is thick.

       No more.



I’ve hit my head,

The floors on the roof,

 I’m dancing there,

 Who like a bird,

  Move your feet,

  Long lines,

  Yellow platforms,

  Observant and listening

   Don’t block my vise

   I’ll shovel you into the snow

    Nonsense, this is nonsense,

    But truth is really far out

     I’d swim all day,

     If I had the time

       Includes efforts

        Brevity included

     Small is big

     More is irrelevant

       So’s preaching to the unconvinced

      It’s night currently,

   Storming large

    An evil beast, tamed at this location

     Heavy lids,

    Natural sleep

     It is done.





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