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May 25, 2014

Have you ever started a skill from a young age, and had no idea what you were doing because it was so natural?

I finally found the name for mine 🙂


The basic intentional structure of consciousness, we find in reflection or analysis, involves further forms of experience. Thus, phenomenology develops a complex account of temporal awareness (within the stream of consciousness), spatial awareness (notably in perception), attention (distinguishing focal and marginal or “horizonal” awareness), awareness of one’s own experience (self-consciousness, in one sense), self-awareness (awareness-of-oneself), the self in different roles (as thinking, acting, etc.), embodied action (including kinesthetic awareness of one’s movement), purpose or intention in action (more or less explicit), awareness of other persons (in empathy, intersubjectivity, collectivity), linguistic activity (involving meaning, communication, understanding others), social interaction (including collective action), and everyday activity in our surrounding life-world (in a particular culture).

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

And I’ve gotten really good at it.

  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to know: Is there a period of knowledge seeking in which you learn to much and fall into a hole of complete uncertainty? I see the ‘big’ picture clearly and its bugging me. It’s mostly social stigma and I could probably get over it, but I am a misunderstood moralistic loner with no large support system.  That might be  my biggest challenge.



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