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Things I need to remind myself…

May 25, 2014

Trust me, I felt so bad for being what I was long ago. I feel bad I worried people. I fretted over that, and was inspired to make my mistakes right. I went to far and made the simple complicated. I missed the bus stop and landed in a place that was difficult to understand. But things are easier than that, and confidence simply drips from my comparisons in person.

Its ok to be bold, witty, playful, and slightly touchy. It’s a process, remember. And I’m going to get thrown down. I’ll just have to use my judgement to determine what is real and what is the person’s faults reflecting from their conscious.


A new idea: Be simple to complicate. The right way this time.

Answer: A new thought process requires a new revision of thought completely.

So go on…



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