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May 26, 2014

What if you let something, call it your spirit, remain in your head, locked safely with no harm.

Only one day, your adventurous spirit cries to be let free, so you attempt to rearrange this freedom for health.

And then it was beat down a bit, battered, and several times deserted by you yourself, only to be desired once again and saved just in time.

And you get to that marvelous point in which you feel you’re close.

But somethings standing in the way,

So you keep fighting at it, hacking it with all your strength.

And one day you realize that you’ve forgotten something really simple about yourself and your spirit’s freedom.

And you simple use your provided tools you’ve abandoned out of lack of self respect.

And everything clicks in place.

And all those tiny skills you developed along the way remain by your side.

And you and your spirit can wreck havoc on the world in helpful terms.

And more awesome challenges and personal growth awaits from this point onward.


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