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I have a face (Plain and simple)

May 26, 2014

I’ve never inspected my face; my features delicately. I left my self-perception exactly what my thoughts rang out to me. Now I know that I should do it more, that the answer lies in my visage: my features, all my hard work.

The confidence lies in my image.

Self respect, I say.

Now the entire world’s shifted, branched and folded into three more dimensions more, and now I’ve got a form to depend on.

All my normal issues and dilemmas are leaving my mind, and my mental state is breaching a new shore. A new adventure, new journeys, more flavors of lust, inventing (Part of my nature.), creating something new for one and all, stumbling, jumping to my feet with a crooked smile; character, no matter how I shrink from the suggestibility penalties I detest that revolve around my school’s reputation, it can’t shake the truth.

                     So character huh?


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